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Leaking- skylight(s) » flashing » chimney
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When replacing a roof, skylights should always be replaced if older than 10 years. We generally use the Velux brand for quality and dependability.

Skylights on a pitched roof should have a step flashing system. This system sheds water properly around your skylight and is complimented by a curb built up on the back of the skylight to re-direct water that may come from a pitch above the skylight location.

If your roof is below a 4" pitch (a very minimal slope), an acrylic dome may be necessary.

Some causes of skylight leaking may be faulty installation, damaged caulking, damaged flashing near the skylight, leaks from other parts of the home, faulty or damaged roof shingles or even improper repairs. 

Bailiwick's professionals will assess your current skylights and/or install new- old skylights can leak and can be inefficient during this season.


At Bailiwick, we are committed to finding the source of your leak which is often a flashing issue.
This window is improperly flashed:

This 'after' picture shows the properly finished flashing, siding removed and reinstalled,
new copper flashing to window and above decking:


Where does a chimney leak?
1. From shingles around the chimney- either broken down or missing
2. Existing flashing is either improperly installed, old or has been damaged
3. The crown of the masonry cap gets porous with age
4. The chimney itself is either porous from age or the grout is breaking down.

Many chimneys were never built correctly. There is often a block foundation and a brick facade. Most chimneys are built hollow which allows water to penetrate, ultimately entering your living space.

The only guarantee of a solid leak free chimney is a chimney that has flashing directly to the flu pipes. This is now code in most towns today.

A shot of a porous chimney- note the missing or loose grout, the space
on the bottom of the masonry cap:

An improperly applied step flashing (BEFORE):
Bailiwick's copper experts demonstrate a perfect step flashing(AFTER):

Bailiwick demonstrates proper Flash To Flu:
Another view:

A Chimney that needs a proper flashing and cricket to shed water:
Bailiwick professionals worked their magic and...flashed to the flu, new copper cricket:


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